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About Us

Expertly designing ergonomic workspaces.

We! The world’s first office solutions company

we started back in 2012

Let us walk down the cobblestones of time that resonate the Entrepreneurial verve and rich heritage that has paved the way for the imminent success of this company, globally. BOSQ is an undertaking of Naran Chirakkal Corporate Pvt. Ltd., who are committed to providing world class products and services and dedicated to excellence. It was launched in 2012 as a corporate seating solutions provider catering to global giants, PAN India. With a deep insight into current and futuristic design and a keen sense of innovation we created quality products. Our quality products and adept services along with strong business ethics invited a spectrum of clients. Our clientele includes BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Jeep, Volvo, Siemens, Prestige Group, HUAWEI, and the likes to name a few. After establishing ourselves as the leading furniture solutions company in India we look towards a thriving economic giant which is Dubai and the extended GCC region.
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A perfect reason for us to move and expand

Expansion to the hub of Innovation

The GCC region has some of the world’s best man-made structures of great architectural significance. It is here that futuristic ideas are not just humored but made possible. BOSQ is here with a promise to support this colossal architectural industry and compliment it with our niche, titillating design savvy furniture solutions. If we may be so bold to say, we plan to raise the ante with our uncompromising quality and competing affordability that will siphon an aberrant industry standard of the highest quality. Our purpose is to cater to the overall economic development of the region by providing conducive, balanced work environments where individuals can thrive as will the organization as a ripple effect.

Simple yet clever, we want to be there for you

What we got in store for the future

BOSQ will feature both online and offline stores. The online platform will have an AI chatbot to address any concerns and the UI is well structured to cater to audiences of all technical abilities. The offline stores are to come up in all major business corridors for a better real-time experience. With a manufacturing facility located in the Sajja Industrial area, Sharjah, and a trading unit based in Dubai we are more than equipped to manufacture and deliver within the stipulated time, assuring the best quality.

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